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Strategic Resource Management

Business Information Technology Services

BITS has two core functions Data Analysis and Technology Services.

Data Analysis is performed by the Business Intelligence group.​ Their core function is to access and analyze data to provide accurate information in support of PSF business/service efforts or inform decision-making using reports, dashboards and maps.

Technology Services fall under three groups: Tech Support, Infrastructure and Project Management.

  • Tech Support provides initial point of contact assistance and solutions for all technology problems
  • Infrastructure designs and maintains all server, application and hardware needs. It ensures the reliable access, performance and security of the network
  • Project Management coordinates technology initiatives both large and small. This includes anything from short term projects lasting days to weeks to the implementation of the Tyler Munis Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


The Western Washington Fire Logistics Group (WWFLG) is a fully integrated supply chain providing procurement, inventory, distribution and customer services. It is a savings center with a mission to expand regional partnerships, continuously improve and highlight fiscal transparency. The WWFLG provides collaboration, regional purchasing contracts and inter-agency relationships, resulting in cost-savings via bulk purchasing, shared warehouse space, and expanded customer and courier services.

Western Washington Fire Logistics Group