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Public Records

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (Puget Sound Fire) is committed to providing the public full access to public records in accordance with the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56. The intent of the law is to provide the public with full access to records concerning the conduct of government, mindful of individual privacy rights, and the desirability of the efficient administration of government.

Where to submit a public records request

Puget Sound Fire provides fire and EMS services to multiple jurisdictions and there are different submission requirements for varying types of records requests.

Within Covington: Land use/building records: submit to the City of Covington.  Fire records: submit to Puget Sound Fire.

Within Kent: Land use/building records: submit to the City of Kent.  Fire records: submit to Puget Sound Fire.

Within Maple Valley: Land use/building records: submit to the City of Maple Valley.  Fire records: submit to Puget Sound Fire.

Within SeaTac: Land use/building records: submit to the City of SeaTac.  Fire records: submit to Puget Sound Fire.

Within Tukwila: Fire records prior to 01/01/2022 and all land use/building records: submit to the City of Tukwila.  Fire records: submit to Puget Sound Fire.

How to submit a public records request

The easiest and quickest way to submit a request for records is to use the Public Records Request Online Form. If you are unable to request records through the online form, there are alternative options to meet your needs. Feel free to call us if you have questions about submitting a public records request, or if you need assistance preparing your request. Additional information can be found in these Frequently Asked Questions. We are always happy to help.

MethodWhat to do
OnlineComplete the Public Records Request Online Form.
MailDownload the printable form and mail it to
400 W Gowe St., Suite 414, Kent WA 98032.
PhoneCall the dedicated line for public records requests at
(253) 856-4410.
E-MailSend completed form(s) to
FaxFax completed form(s) to (253) 856-6301.
In Person*Call to schedule an appointment before visiting
400 W Gowe St. in Kent.

* In-person submissions are available by appointment only during agency business
hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To schedule an appointment,
contact the Public Records Officer at (253) 856-4410 (request line) or (253) 856-4487 (direct).

Requesting medical records

Puget Sound Fire is required by law to maintain the privacy of patients’ medical information. Puget Sound Fire has two types of medical records you may request: patient care records and FD CARES records. All requests for medical records must be accompanied by a HIPAA Authorization to Release Medical Records form signed by a patient or next-of-kin to receive the unredacted record. Depending on who is requesting the medical record, one of the following forms will need to be submitted with your request. If you don’t have a signed release, you can still submit your request, however, the record will be redacted in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

Patient care records: These are medical records and are only for patients who were provided aid by Puget Sound Fire staff.

FD CARES records: FD CARES (Fire Department Community Assistance, Referrals & Education Services) is a fire agency-based prevention program to assist the community with injury and illness, it is also a referral-based program. FD CARES assists community members with a variety of issues before an issue becomes an emergency. All requests for “medical” records include FD CARES in our search parameters. If FD CARES record(s) exist for the patient, they will be included in responsive records. To learn more about our FD CARES Program, follow this link.

Requesting billing records

Puget Sound Fire DOES NOT charge for its services, therefore there are no billing records to provide regarding any patient or incident. Puget Sound Fire does not physically transport patients. Transportation of a patient is provided by Tri-Med Ambulance, a third-party service. While you may receive a bill from a third-party ambulance service, please be aware that it is NOT related to Puget Sound Fire. Requests for billing records must be made directly with the third-party service.

Requesting a report for a building or vehicle fire

There are two types of fire reports:

Fire Incident Reports: A Fire Incident Report is a basic unit response report and is generally the first record completed and available for request. This is the report created by Puget Sound Fire staff when they respond to an incident. Some fires will only have a Fire Incident Report on record, and this typically provides enough information for the requester to use for insurance purposes and / or to provide proof of the fire.

Fire Investigation Reports for Cause & Origin: A Fire Investigation Report for Cause & Origin is a detailed fire report also known as a “Scene Exam.” Typically, they are completed and available 30 days after the fire. In cases where Puget Sound Fire is waiting for lab results the report will likely take more than 30 days as the Fire Investigator must receive the lab results before they can finalize their report.

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