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Community Relations/Public Information Officer

Community Relations

Building community trust and connecting our organization to the communities we serve is a never-ending goal for us here at Puget Sound Fire. We are excited to announce the creation of the Community Relations Division, effective April 2019!

The new function of the department will be focused on identifying and creating new opportunities for the communities we serve to know and trust us. In addition, it will provide governmental relations liaison and organizational communications. This new division is comprised of a Division Chief and Public Information Officer.

Public Information Office (PIO)

Captain Joe Root
Captain Joe Root

Puget Sound Fire has a Public Information Officer on duty 24/7/365 to assist the public, media, and incident command system by:

  • Helping residents and businesses affected by fire or other hazardous situations.
  • Being a liaison for Red Cross or other public agencies.
  • Working with news agencies at the scene of an incident or following an incident by providing interviews, updates, and media releases.
  • Providing support to an incident commander as part of the command staff at an emergency scene.

In addition, the PIO also:

  • Assists Emergency Management during a disaster under Emergency Support Function (ESF) 15.
  • Provides a public information officer to other jurisdictions when requested.


Community Risk Reduction

400 West Gowe, Ste. 414

Kent, WA 98032

Phone: (253) 856-4400

Fax: (253) 856-6301


Public Information Officer
Captain Joe Root

Cell: (253) 569-8809

Office: (253) 856-4481

On-duty PIO: (206) 972-4082