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When to call 9-1-1

In Case of an Emergency
If you’re calling for an emergency dial 9-1-1

Non-emergency Contact for the Dispatch Center

If it is not an emergency, dial (253) 852-2121.

The non-emergency number has been designated as a number to reach Valley Communications Center (the 911 call center) while leaving the 911 phone lines available for emergencies. This number will be answered by the same call receivers that answer the 911 lines, but the priority of the call is at a lower level. The intended uses of this line include the following:

  • Alarm companies reporting alarms
  • Events that require a non-emergency response
  • Out-of-state callers who need to contact the 911 center
  • Other public agencies who are requesting a response from our agency


When calling the non-emergency number, your phone number and location will not show up automatically as it would when dialing 9-1-1.