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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Logistics unit is to provide supplies, equipment, and services in support of the mission of the fire department in a way that is efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible to the community that we serve.

Unit Overview

To save lives and property, emergency responders rely on a wide variety of tools, equipment, and supplies. Logistic’s job is to ensure that responding firefighters have what they need to do their job. We also support other department divisions, work units, and the overall operations of the fire department. Our primary responsibilities include purchasing, receiving, warehousing, inventory control, equipment maintenance, and delivery services. We also coordinate research into new tools and equipment to ensure that the fire department has the right tools to be safe and effective.

Behind the scenes, we are constantly working to get the most value for Puget Sound Fire’s investment. We negotiate and manage specific contracts, and develop and responsibly manage assigned budgets. We research low cost, yet dependable, sources for our purchases and develop positive working relationships with key vendors for the long term benefit of the department. We take advantage of grant opportunities and participate in group buying whenever possible. And we actively participate in regional committees and work groups to share knowledge and resources with others doing similar work.

Key Facts


(1) Deputy Chief
(1) Captain
(1) Firefighter Coordinator
(1) Supply Chain Manager
(1) Buyer
(1) Warehouse Specialist
(1) Administrative Support
(1) Courier


We continue to participate in the King County EMS Purchasing Program which saves Puget Sound Fire an average of 30% over catalog pricing. The Logistics unit founded and participates in the Puget Sound Logistics Group. This regional group, involving seven (7) departments, completed a major wear test of firefighter turnout gear, allowing us to realize a savings of $500 per set of bunker gear.

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