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Jessica – Spotlight

Human Resources Admin II

Years employed with Puget Sound Fire:

  • “1 year as of November 1, 2019”

Home town:

  • “Auburn, Washington”

What I love about Puget Sound Fire:

  • “The people! I am inspired every day by the people I work with – their dedication to the job and willingness to go above and beyond is really incredible, and everyone feels like family. Plus, we just have a lot of fun here! I also love being a part of an organization that directly serves the community. That makes me proud.”


  • “Being a new homeowner, all my current hobbies are home projects! Also, I love spending time with my family, healthy eating, and meditation.”


  • “A very old beagle named Dazy, and a 6-month old kitten (that our Firefighter’s rescued!) named Chai.”

Favorite food:

  • “Sushi”

Favorite movie:

  • “I don’t have one, but I love the Disney classic The Aristocats.”

Favorite travel destination:

  • “Anywhere sunny and not too crowded.”

Favorite decade:

  • “I mean, I guess I’d pick the 90’s if I had to pick-LOL. Too young to remember the 80’s. But Britney Spears was 2000’s and not going to lie, I’m a (closet) fan-LOL.”

Something that might surprise us about you:

  • “I have no brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, or first cousins!”

Who would you most like to meet:

  • “Mr. Rogers”

What would you like to learn to do:

  • “More DIY home projects! Also, I used to do ballet and would love to re-learn it.”