Purpose: Numerous studies have proven that fire fighters are at greater risk of contracting many cancers as a result of their assigned duties. These studies have shown that proper use of the PPE, SCBA and a gross decontamination process are beneficial in limiting the duration of fire fighter exposure to toxic carcinogens. The (insert Fire Department) is committed to the overall health of employees; the (insert Fire Department) recognizes the increased risk of cancer associated with fire fighting activities. In an effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment, the (insert Fire Department) has created the following guideline to reduce the cancer risk to its employees. Scope: This guideline applies to all (insert Fire Department) employees. References: NFPA, Jurisdiction Policy, WAC, RCW, FCSN and IAFF. Definitions: See Appendix B. Statement of Intent: It is the intent of (insert Fire Department) to take proactive and reasonable steps to limit employee exposures to carcinogens. MODEL GUIDELINE APPENDIX A 2 8