2 || introduction 4 || FINANCE The identification of funding sources and managing everyday expenditures and budgets for the future. 6 || Command Relating to injury, illness and exposure in the fire service, the health and safety officer plays an important role in the command structure. 8 || PLANNING The collection, evaluation and dissemination of information pertaining to the fire department. 12 || OPERATIONS: Emergency The management of operations directed toward reducing the immediate hazard at the incident site, saving lives and property, establishing situation control and restoring normal conditions. 18 || OPERATIONs: Routine Activities The identification of activities that lead to better health including wellness, nutrition and training on cancer awareness and documenting exposures. 24 || LOGISTICS The provision of all resources, services and support required by fire department and its personnel. 28 || Appendix A Model Guidelines 30 || Appendix B Definitions 32 || Appendix c Sample Wellness Medical Physical Exam (FCSN) Table of Contents ISSN 2470-4792 1