ANNUAL PHYSICALS Fire fighters enter toxic atmospheres, perform strenuous physical activities and do so over an expansive 20-30 year career. WAC 296-842 mandates respiratory protection if a member is entering an atmosphere with toxic products of combustion. WAC 296- 842-14005 requires a medical evaluation prior to being fitted for ABOVE: Research shows that aerobic fitness and muscular strength and endurance help members to perform safely and effectively in the fire service. respiratory protection. WAC 296-62-07314 also requires a medical exam for any employee prior to being assigned to work in an area that may release carcinogens. For fire fighters, members often enter unknown carcinogenic environments including structure fires, car fires or dumpster fires. These exams are to be provided at no cost to the employee and provided annually after an initial examination. A sample recommendation of an annual physical provided by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) is included in Appendix C. The IAFF/IAFC Joint Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) also provides an annual recommended physical for incumbent fire fighters. Specific tests such as red and white blood cell count tests, heavy metals screenings and cancer screenings can assist with early detection of many common cancers seen in the fire service today. These simple exams can determine if cancer is a risk, as well as if it is present. Having this annual exam is imperative to early detection and aggressive action to address any problems. 1 9