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System Reliability Program

Program Overview

The System Reliability Program supports owners of fire protection systems to comply with the laws regarding the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems. The benefits of the program are increased probability that the system will work as installed, fewer business interruptions from preventable alarms, and better availability of emergency fire crews for true emergencies.

How was I Selected to Participate?

The Fire Prevention Division reviewed all inspection, testing, and maintenance documents that they received in the last five years along with any other documentation that was related to the installation of fire protection systems. Positive indication that there was a system installed resulted in the creation of a Fire Protection System Permit to identify the structure.

What is a Fire Protection System?

Approved devices, equipment, and systems or combinations of systems used to detect a fire, activate an alarm, extinguish or control a fire, control or manage smoke and products of fire or any combination thereof.


  • Automatic and manual fire alarm systems
  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Chemical suppression systems (paint booths, kitchen range hoods, etc.)
  • Clean agent suppression systems (computer rooms, etc.)
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency generators that serve life safety functions
  • Smoke management systems
  • Standpipes


Additional Information

For more information, check out the System Reliability Program’s FAQs.