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Juvenile Firesetting Program

Fire Stoppers Program

Puget Sound Fire offers a free, confidential fire safety education program for children who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire. The Fire Stoppers program engages children’s interest and is informative for parents. The program involves an assessment of the child’s fire safety education needs, developing age-appropriate activities individualized to help the child learn about the dangers of fire, and information for caregivers on how to keep their entire family safe. For those children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available for behavioral health service.

The Fire Stoppers program is not a “class”, but rather an individualized program to help families address the issue of child fire use. Children are eligible if they live in the Puget Sound Fire service area and the child’s legal guardian is willing to be present for the entire program.

Please call (253) 856-4482 for further information about Firestoppers.

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