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Forms & Applications-City of Covington, Kent, & SeaTac

City of Kent applications

City of SeaTac applications

City of Covington applications


General Fire Department Forms, Handouts, and Checklists


Fire Alarm Record of Completion
Certificate of Fire Flow from Servicing Agency of Utility District
Approved Key Box


Flammable and Combustible Liquid Classifications and Definitions
Criteria for Removal of Underground Tanks
Fire Lane Markings
Fire Protection System FAQ’s


Automatic and Manual Fire Detection and Reporting System Checklist
Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems-Revised
Battery Systems
Compressed Gases
Cryogenic Fluids
Emergency & Standby Power Systems
Emergency Responder Radio System
Fire Pumps & Related Equipment
Flammable & Combustible Liquids
Gates and Barricades
Hazardous Materials
High Piled Storage
Industrial Ovens
LP Gas
Private Fire Hydrants (Kent Only)
Residential Tank Decommissioning
Smoke Control or Exhaust Systems
Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems
Spraying & Dipping
Standpipe Systems
Temporary Membrane Structures
Underground Supply Piping for Fire Sprinklers

Annual Tier II Reporting

In accordance with the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) and SARA Title III: Section 312, facilities that store hazardous chemicals at any time during the preceding calendar year in quantities above reporting thresholds are required to complete and send separate Tier Two Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory reports with an original signature to both the Community Right-To-Know Unit and local fire department Emergency Management division.