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Fire Investigation – Arson Tipline

Arson tipline logo with phone: 253-856-4460Arson Tipline

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority has an “Arson Tipline,” which is an anonymous way for community members to report knowledge of fires or explosive devices within the Puget Sound Fire response area. The telephone number for the Arson Tipline is (253) 856-4460.

Community members can leave voice messages on the 24/7 Arson Tipline. If you need to speak with an on-call investigator, please call 9-1-1.

We are asking anyone to call if you have information regarding any suspicious fires or any advanced knowledge of fires that are about to be started.

Explosion or Explosive Device Investigations

Puget Sound Fire investigators also investigate all explosions and explosive devices in the Puget Sound Fire response area. If you have information regarding the manufacturing or use of illegal fireworks and/or homemade bombs, please call the tipline above.


You will periodically see the yellow and black stickers that advertise the Arson Tipline. You may be eligible for a reward if the information you provide leads to an arrest and prosecution.