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Community Risk Reduction

Community Risk Reduction Overview


The Community Risk Reduction Division is tasked with providing the highest level of fire prevention through public education, inspection, code enforcement, and detailed plan review. Under the direction of the Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal, Community Risk Reduction personnel strive to provide those within the Fire Authority the most updated information available to safely protect their homes or places of business from fire and hazards. Fire prevention has proven to be the most effective way to reduce loss of life and property. Puget Sound Fire contracts services with the cities of  Covington, Kent, Maple Valley, SeaTac, and Fire District 37.

Developmental Services

One plans examiner and two fire inspectors conduct plan review of proposed construction projects, building remodels, and development projects in the district. Field inspections are conducted to ensure that buildings meet the latest local and state building and fire codes. These inspections include the review of fire and life safety systems and their intended use and installation, ensuring the safety of those in the contracted cities of Covington, Kent, Maple Valley, and SeaTac.

Code Enforcement

Code compliance officers are responsible for inspecting existing businesses and properties for fire code violations and educating building owners and occupants on fire prevention practices, they also conduct safety inspections of outdoor events such as fairs, carnivals, and fireworks displays.