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Getting to Know Your Fire Department

With a 2021 operating budget of $83.3M, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is a regional department that provides a multitude of services to our community of over 230,000 residents. Most of you are familiar with our fire and EMS services, but do you know all that we do?

Your fire department has a team of over 270 uniformed personnel and close to 80 civilian employees working hard for you to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the communities that we serve. We accomplish this by staying on the cutting edge of emergency services, keeping our emergency response vehicles and our non-response fleet maintained to industry standards, ensuring that our 13 fire stations and additional department facilities are operating smoothly, and by keeping our local businesses and communities educated and safe.

Every month we will provide a glimpse into your fire department and highlight not only the personnel that you see on emergencies, but also those behind the scenes who ensure that your emergency service providers have the resources to meet the needs of our local communities.

Heavy Rescue

We are excited to introduce you to the Heavy Rescue Team – Rescue 7. Rescue 7 is comprised of Puget Sound firefighters that have additional training to assist in emergencies that include rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse and machinery incidents. Rescue 7 is one of two specially trained rescue teams in south King County.

We will be providing a more comprehensive peek into your Heavy Rescue Team shortly, so keep checking back to see the team in action!