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How much is my Fire Benefit Charge?

The Fire Benefit Charge (FBC) is assessed yearly. To find a specific property’s FBC for this year, please use the search window below by inputting the parcel number of the property in question.  

Note: This search window is active January-March

The above Fire Benefit Charge is not a bill.  It is paid as part of your King County property taxes.

Discounts Explained

L- Senior/Disabled Exemption

Seniors and disabled exemptions are administered through the King County Assessor’s Office. Complete information on how to obtain a senior/disabled exemption, can be found on the King County Tax Assessor website. You may also contact King County regarding senior exemptions or deferrals at (206) 296-3920.

A – Monitored Fire Alarm Reduction

With a “Certificate of Service” from a licensed alarm monitoring company, owners of professionally installed fire alarm systems receive 7.5% off the normal benefit charge.

S – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Reduction

Receive a 10% reduction in the benefit charge if you have installed an automatic fire sprinkler system.

F – Agricultural Reduction

Qualifying agricultural uses receive a 75% reduction in the FBC. The discount is offered for auxiliary structures, such as barns, and or storage sheds, used in conjunction to with dairy, farming, and other agriculture operations.

Properties used for marijuana growth, production, or processing are not considered agricultural use.

If you find any of the above parcel information to be incorrect or have any FBC-related questions, please contact our Fire Benefit Charge line at (253) 856-4359 or email us at