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Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration oversees and supervises the fields of Finance, IT, and Planning.  Each of these work groups are housed in the same location for collaboration, efficiency and optimizing the functional units as it relates to the business of running a regional fire authority.


The Finance team handles a wide range of activities from daily transactional tasks to long term planning, while insuring compliance with internal policies and state or federal regulations. Our team is in charge of accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, book-keeping, cash flow management, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, and forecasting.



Information Technology is responsible for the technological needs of Puget Sound Fire.  IT selects, maintains and provides technical support for the phone system, computers, mobile devices, business software, databases and network infrastructure used throughout the department.  This includes the mission-critical computers found on all fire apparatus, computer tablets used to record patient data, and specialized software programs used to support and advance our day-to-day services to the employees and the community.

Assessment and Planning

As an Internationally Accredited Agency, Puget Sound Fire is committed to continuous quality improvement. Improvement can only be made by first understanding where an organization is in time. What are its capabilities? What is it doing and why? Are the things being done working? If not, why not?  Are they effective? Efficient?

Your Assessment and Planning Division constantly assesses our service delivery model and the services we provide to you, and strives to sustain and/or improve service as we can. We do this by closely looking at emergency response times and the relationship between timely response and good outcomes, such as people helped, lives and property saved, dollar loss prevented and efficiencies gained.

The impacts of community growth continually erode service capacity as populations, traffic and risk within the community grows.  Risks are assessed and plans developed to assure adequate resources are available to effectively meet those risks while sustaining the type of service you have requested.