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Message from the Fire Chief

Fire Chief Matt Morris

Fire Chief Matt Morris

Puget Sound Fire is proud to be a member of the community and to serve our citizens. We share with you the desire to enjoy a safe and sustainable place to live, work, and visit. Our vision is to be a community partner, providing effective and sustainable fire and EMS services, that maximize the resources entrusted to us, to serve the needs of a changing community. Community trust is an essential element that Puget Sound Fire strives to earn every day through its services and practices.  The trust that you, as a community, place in our fire department is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.

The past several years has seen significant changes to our community, and Puget Sound Fire is committed to changing and adapting to properly represent and meet the needs of the community. I am incredibly honored and privileged to have been selected as the new fire chief and have truly enjoyed learning about and connecting with the cities and communities we proudly serve. I can share with you that Puget Sound Fire is an exceptional organization that is dedicated to taking care of people with professionalism and compassion. We continuously seek opportunity to gain efficiency through process improvements and cost reduction strategies. Your Governance Board provides strong leadership and guidance ensuring the practices and services of Puget Sound Fire are sustainable through the proper use of available resources. Financial stability through sound business practices to maximize cost savings is a top priority at all times.

On August 6, 2019, the Governing Board for Puget Sound Fire put before you Proposition No. 1. This proposition increases the property tax rate back to $1.00 per $1,000 of assessed value.  This is a re-balancing of our two-part funding system; a property tax and benefit charge. Every six years we plan to re-balance this very important funding method as the benefit charge is limited to 60% of the operating budget. While this will be an increase in the property tax, you will see a decrease in the benefit charge across all structures that are subject to a benefit charge in our jurisdiction. This proposition only affects the service areas of Kent, Covington, and Fire District 37. It is my commitment to you that Puget Sound Fire will always focus on taking care of people and being a trusted partner in the community.