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Citizens Advisory Committee

Committee Overview

The Citizens Advisory Committee is comprised of citizens that reside in the Puget Sound Fire response area.

The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee is:

  • Communicating the Puget Sound Fire purposes and programs to the community
  • Increasing the Department’s visibility, credibility, and importance to the community
  • Assessing and providing advisory recommendations on community needs and resources
  • Providing feedback from another perspective
  • Providing an open forum for public discussion on Puget Sound Fire-related issues


Citizens Advisory Committee Members and the Fire Station response area in which they reside: 

NameFire Station AssignmentTerm Expiration
VacantStation 45, 46, 47
Lew SellersStation 7012/31/2020
VacantStation 71
Mary Kathryn MyersStation 7212/31/2019
Mike DenboStation 7312/31/2019
Judy HuntingtonStation 7412/31/2021
Mike DavisStation 7512/31/2020
Scott SmithStation 7612/31/2020
Rudy GustafsonStation 7712/31/2021
Sam SullivanStation 7812/31/2021
VacantStation 80, 81, 82
Margaret Harto All Stations, Committee ChairRFA Board Representative


Puget Sound Fire Staff Contacts for the Citizen Advisory Board

Larry Rabel, Division Chief of Assessment and Planning Email

Kirsti Weaver, Staff Liaison Email