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Citizens’ Advisory Planning Committee

About the Citizens’ Advisory Planning Committee

Public input is crucial in tailoring the services that the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (RFA) provides the community. To obtain that input, the RFA Governance Board established a Citizens Advisory Planning Committee (CAPC). The CAPC provides input, feedback, and guidance to the RFA staff, and Governance Board on issues critical to developing a strong relationship between the community and the RFA.

What’s the purpose of the CAPC?

The CAPC is comprised of citizens residing within the RFA’s response area and is the primary component of citizen participation in the planning processes of the RFA. This group:

  • Communicates the RFA’s purpose and programs to the community.
  • Increases the department’s visibility, credibility, and importance to the community.
  • Assesses and provides advisory recommendations on community needs and resources.
  • Provides feedback from another perspective.
  • Provides an open forum for public discussion on related issues.

What kind of work do CAPC members do?

The CAPC reviews, validates, gathers, and provides citizen input on strategic activities and planning documents for the RFA. The group also works with RFA staff to develop recommendations to the Governance Board on all planning matters related to the RFA, including regional studies for fire facilities and services, and other related planning matters.

Are there special qualifications or background knowledge required to be a member?

No special education or knowledge is required, however CAPC candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have lived in Puget Sound Fire’s response area for at least two years.
  • Have submitted a satisfactory application for membership.
  • Have successfully completed an interview process.
  • Have the ability to regularly attend monthly CAPC meetings (second Wednesday of each month)

How long is the commitment?

CAPC members are appointed by the RFA Governance Board to serve a term of three (3) calendar years..


Committee Members

Jovita McConnell – RFA Governance Board Representative
Mike Davis
Judy Huntington
Mary K. Myers
Sam Sullivan
Charles Sundberg

Puget Sound Fire Staff

Pat Pawlak, Division Chief (Email)
Christian Rojas-Kramer, Staff Liaison (Email)