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Public Records Request

The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is committed to providing the public full access to public records in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA), referenced in RCW Chapter 42.56 and the Model Rules of WAC 44-14. The intent of the law is to provide the public with full access to records concerning the conduct of government, mindful of individual privacy rights, and the desirability of the efficient administration of government.

Requests shall be made in writing to the department records retention officer by completing the Public Records Request form. Requests must include:

  • Name and address of person requesting records.
  • Time of day and calendar date on which the request is being made.
  • Nature of the request.
  • Reference to the requested record or an appropriate description of the record requested to include date of incident, address of incident, person(s) involved or patient(s) name.
  • Appropriate medical release forms are required for requests for medical records pursuant to RCW 70.02.030.


You may return the completed records request form in person or by mail to Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, 24611 116 Ave SE, Kent, WA 98030, or by fax to 253.856.6300.

For property records for addresses within the City of Kent, please submit record requests to the City of Kent City Clerk by visiting The city clerk will then route requests to the Fire Department for review and completion.

For property records for addresses within the City of SeaTac or incident records for incidents before January 1, 2014, please contact the City of SeaTac City Clerk’s office at 206.973.4660 or visit the City of SeaTac website at to request records.

If you have any questions on public records requests, please call Human Resources (253) 856.4399.