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System Reliability Program FAQs

1. Is there any cost related to the Fire Protection System (FPS) Permit?
There is an annual $163.15 fee for the FPS permit and a $10.00 technology fee. These fees offset some of the program costs. The permit renews every July 1. The fee is enabled by Resolution 1941.

2. What is the System Reliability Program?
The System Reliability Program helps owners of fire protection systems to comply with the laws regarding the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems. The benefits of the program are:

  • Increased probability that the system will work as installed
  • Fewer business interruptions from preventable alarms
  • Better availability of emergency fire crews for true emergencies

3. How was I selected to participate?
The Fire Prevention Division reviewed all inspection, testing, and maintenance documents that they received in the last five years along with any other documentation that was related to the installation of fire protection systems. Positive indication that there was a system installed resulted in the creation of a Fire Protection System Permit to identify the structure.

4. What is a fire protection system?
A fire protection system consists of approved devices, equipment, and systems, or combinations of systems, used to detect a fire, activate an alarm, extinguish or control a fire, control or manage smoke, and products of fire or any combination thereof.

5. What are some examples of fire protection systems?
Examples include:

  • Automatic and manual fire alarm systems
  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Chemical suppression systems (paint booths, kitchen range hoods, etc. )
  • Clean agent suppression systems (computer rooms, etc. )
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency generators that serve life safety functions
  • Smoke management systems
  • Standpipes

6. Why am I required to inspect, test, and maintain my fire protection system?
The 2003 International Fire Code requires that fire protection systems are maintained in an operative condition at all times and also authorizes the Fire Chief to require inspection and testing of fire protection systems.

Effective July 2010, the fire code has changed from the 2006 edition to the 2009 edition. At this time KCC 901.6.1 is the enabling requirement for inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems.

7. Who is required to pay the fee for the permit?
The permit is issued to the owner of the structure where the system resides. This reduces the amount of permits that must be maintained and ensures that the owner of the structure is involved with the systems that protect their property.

8. Why did I not get a permit to post like other Kent fire prevention permits?
There is no requirement to post the FPS permit on site. Fire protection systems vary by location and type in every structure and there is no single location that works for all structures. We recommend that you keep a copy of the invoice in your records for future review.

9. How do I contact the Fire Prevention Division?

  • Mail: Puget Sound Fire, Fire Prevention Division
    220 4th Ave. S
    Kent, WA 98032
  • Email:
  • Office Phone: (253) 856-4400
  • Fax: (253) 856-6400


10. What are the required inspection, testing, and maintenance schedules for my system?
All the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards for fire protection systems are listed in KCC 901.6.1. The actual requirements are listed within those referenced documents. The documents can be purchased from NFPA or other technical bookstores.

11. Why do I receive multiple permits for my complex?
The permits are issued for individual buildings instead of complexes. This allows for clearer communication for the issues related to an individual building. Additionally, there are many commercial / industrial complexes with structures owned by different entities.

12. What do I do if there are no longer fire protection systems in my structure?
Please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (253) 856-4400.

13. I received a testing reminder but I normally test on another date, who do I contact?
Please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (253) 856-4400.

14. Why do I have to submit inspection, testing, and maintenance reports?
The International Fire Code enables the Fire Chief to require that the reports be made available. He has determined that they be mailed to Kent Fire Prevention for review. Reports should be mailed to:
Puget Sound Fire, Fire Prevention Division
220 4th Ave. S
Kent, WA 98032

15. Where do I submit inspection, testing, and maintenance reports?
Indicate your permit number on the documents and send them via mail to:
Puget Sound Fire, Fire Prevention Division
220 4th Ave. S
Kent, WA 98032 or FAX to (253) 856-6400

16. How do I maintain my contact information on the permit?
We formally request that contact information be updated annually by making corrections to the remittance stub that accompanies the invoice. Corrections can also be made anytime by contacting the Fire Prevention Division at (253) 856-4400 or by email.