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Communications Support Team (Ham Radio)

Ham radio operator and member of the communications support team.

Amateur Radio Field Day

Join the Communications Support Team (CST) on June 24th for the annual Amateur Radio Field Day.

Information Flyer

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Communication support team logo, depicts radio tower transmission K7CST

Mission Statement

Kent Communications Support Team (KCST) provides emergency communications services to the City of Kent and the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. We are volunteers who are licensed amateur radio operators under the direction of the Office of Emergency Management.

Weekly Net

Our weekly net takes place on Monday nights at 6:45 pm on 147.32+ (103.5) followed by 145.65 MHz simplex. In addition, we operate on the following frequencies:

Repeater 1:147.320+ (103.5)
Repeater 2:147.300+ (88.5)
Repeater 3:443.350+ (103.5)TX (103.5)RX
Simplex 1:145.650
Simplex 2:147.320
Simplex 3:446.275

Connect with KCST:

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Connect on Twitter@K7CST
Mailing AddressK7CST
Office of Emergency Management
Puget Sound Fire
24611 116th Avenue SE
Kent, WA 98030
Radio OfficerSam Sullivan, N7RHE, Email
ChairpersonJim Aigner, N7MU, Email