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About Puget Sound Fire

About Puget Sound Fire

About the Department

Since 1892 the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority has existed to maintain and enhance the quality of life within its boundaries by protecting life, property, and the environment. We are an internationally accredited full-service, all risk fire and rescue department that provides services to the citizens of Covington, Kent, SeaTac, and portions of unincorporated King County. The department covers approximately 60 square miles and protects a population of over 182,000.

We are governed by the Regional Fire Authority Governance Board which is comprised of six voting members and two non-voting members. Three members of the board are appointed from the ranks of the Kent City Council, three from the Board of Commissioners for Fire District 37, one non-voting member from the Covington City Council, and one non-voting member from the SeaTac City Council. It is the board’s responsibility to oversee budget and policy decisions and to ensure that the department is successful in its mission of protecting our community.

The RFA provides emergency response services including basic life support, fire suppression, hazardous materials, and technical rescue from 11 fire stations. All stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Minimum daily staffing across the jurisdiction is 40, with a recall system to ensure that staffing services are maintained. Advanced Life Support services are provided through King County’s Medic One program.

Currently the department employs 275, with 218 of those being uniformed personnel. The 45 civilians are in various roles including administrative staff, mechanics, public educators, etc.

Internal support divisions include Fire Administration, Fire Prevention, Emergency Management, Training, Planning, Logistics, Public Education, Fire Investigation, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Calls for Service

Emergency Medical Services12,98416,86818,64419,887
False Alarm & False Call1,1391,4101,4531,547
Good Intent6921,4641,7661,822
Hazardous Conditions246352423400460
Special Incident Type2211661159196
Severe Weather12282
Annual Total16,77322,00624,28525,35625,854